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Poisoning Pesky Pests

April showers bring flowers – and mosquitoes!!! The one good thing about our prolonged dry spell is that we have had almost no mosquitoes for months…but that is about to change. Truly, mosquitoes are some of the most pestilential insects on this earth – not only is their bite unpleasant, but some species have the capacity to transmit diseases. People will do almost anything to get rid of them. And pest control companies prey on this urge, and will sell you just about anything.

The device the pest companies are pushing these days – the “mosquito misting system” – costs several thousand dollars to install, but it does actually kill mosquitoes. These systems use a series of nozzles, usually placed around the periphery of the homeowner’s yard, which emit a fine mist at intervals (many have programmable timers). The mist, which contains water mixed with a pyrethroid insecticide, kills mosquitoes on contact. Pyrethroids are widely used, generalist insecticides touted as “safe” for humans and pets such as dogs and cats, because they are derived from plants (learn more about these “safe” chemicals by clicking here.)


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