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More Co-Sponsors for HD Legislation–Help get the word out!!

Hello HDSA Fans!

We’re happy to report that the list of co-sponsors for HR 6259 is growing!

Representatives Brian Bilbray [CA-50], Raul Grijalva [AZ-7], and Christopher Murphy [CT-5] have all joined Congressman Bob Filner in support of The Huntington’s Disease Parity Act of 2008.

Please take advantage of the current Summer District Work Period to contact your Representative about HR 6259. Let them know how your life has been affected by HD–all it takes is a simple phone call or letter!

If you haven’t heard of HR 6259, be sure to check out the HDSA Advocate MySpace page or visit to learn more about the SSDI/Medicare Initiative.

We’re happy that our fan list has begun to grow as well! Urge your friends and family to beome fans of HDSA to spread word of this new legislation and other HD initiatives.

We will continue to post updates as we get more co-sponsors, but this will only happen if YOU take action. So don’t forget to get in touch with your Representative today!

Hope you’re enjoying the summer,

HDSA Advocate

We’d love to see a show of support on our wall! Tell us about your experiences contacting your Representatives or any other feelings of support by posting on our wall!!


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